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“Do you also want to save changes to the document template?”


You’ve created a Word document using a custom .dotx template. Every time you go to save the document or exit Word you are prompted to save a document template, even though you have not made any changes to the template and in some cases the document.

Doyouwanttosavechangestothedocumenttemplate WanttosaveyourchangestoTemplate


Word 2013


There is a Send to Bluetooth COM add-in loaded. You are likely not using this.


Disable the Send to Bluetooth COM add-in.

  1. Open Word using an account that has administrative access to the computer.
  2. In Word click FileOptions. The Word Options window appears.
  3. In the left navigation, select Add-Ins.  Note the Send to Bluetooth COM add-in.


  1. At the bottom, select manage COM Add-ins and click Go… The COM Add-Ins window opens. Note the Send to Bluetooth add-in is available and checked.
  2. Uncheck the Send to Bluetooth add-in


  1. Click OK. Exit Word (save your documents as necessary)
  2. Open Word and make sure the Send to Bluetooth  COM add-in is no longer loaded. Follow steps 1-3


You should now be forever free of this annoying error.

This one was bugging me for a while. Thanks go out to user grantmo in this forum thread Disable “do you also want to save changes to the document template?” harassalog.

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