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Link Roundup 2

Here is another collection of recent (to me) links that have interested me enough to copy them into a blog post and post on the internet for all to see.

So OneNote is now free*.
* A limited version is now free for personal use, school users, Mac users, mobile users. Additional features via Office 365 are available for additional cost. Not clear how this affects the OneNote 2013 product that ships with office and asks for a product key.

SQL Server 2014 has been released to manufacturing which of course means the ISO has been copied into everyone’s MSDN and VL downloads . Wait, just checked and I don’t see it yet. Maybe someone still has to burn and rip it first. The interesting thing about this release is (in my experience) most customers are still planning their upgrade to SQL Server 2012. Now we wait to find out about support for SharePoint.

Finally, Google must have had someone attend SPC14 or maybe they watched all the videos and read all the twitter feeds. Microsoft announced awesome pricing for OneDrive and then last week Google Drive decided to lower prices to the point where they must be losing money on disk. $99/year for 10 TB of space?! Why do I even buy hdds anymore? I just did a cursory search for hard drives and the going rate (at this moment, in Canada) appears to be about $100 per 2 TB, or $500 for 10 TB.

To put this into perspective, let’s compare the Onedrive and Google Drive services:

OneDrive Google Drive
7 GB – free 15 GB – free
add 50 GB – $25/year Google doesn’t have time for 50 GB increments
add 100 GB – $50/year 100 GB $1.99/year
add 200 GB – $100/year 200 GB probably $4/year
1 TB $500/year (I’m guessing) 1 TB $9.99/year
10 TB – $5,000/year (who knows) 10 TB $99.99/year
Did you hear you can have SPO site collections that are 1 TB? for each additional 10 TB add $100

The hard drive, as they say, is now in Microsoft’s tower.

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