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Which server or farm is SharePoint using for Office Web Apps?

If you find yourself with an unfamilar SharePoint 2013 farm with a problem with Office Web Apps the first step you’ll probably take is to figure out where Office Web Apps is running. Finding this out is simple!

Open an elevated SharePoint Management Shell on one of the SharePoint servers in the farm with an account with SPShellAdmin rights and run the following cmdlet:


The output will list all the bindings by application/extension and zone. Find the combination that is causing you grief and look at the ServerName property. This is the public hostname used by Office Web Apps. If it’s a server name go connect to it. If it’s a DNS name that abstracts away a server name or load balancer you’ll need to do more digging but at least you’re heading in the right direction. 🙂

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Link Roundup 1

Here are some interesting links I’ve come across. Consider this a test of a future recurring feature.

A lot happened at the SharePoint Conference 2014 last week. I wasn’t there, though between Yammer and Twitter it felt like Vegas here in the -20C land that is Canada.

Looking for session slides from SharePoint Conference 2014? Check out the external Yammer’s uploaded files! Videos and demos should be realeased in about a month.

Lots of great videos from SPC14 over at channel9

Rackspace released the very addictive Fanatiblaster game based on their fantatical support. I know it’s totally based on real life because every SharePoint administrator carries a dart gun to shoot folders and SharePoint sites. One of the neat things about it is @ShareP911 will tweet out anytime someone beats the high score.

If you’re using CredSSP for PowerShell remoting, know that on Windows versions earlier than Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 that the server you connect to stores your username and password in plain text! Check out Accidental Sabotage: Beware of CredSSP over at PowerShell Magazine

Did you know you can now get SharePoint ULS logs from SharePoint Online using CSOM?

Creating a new Office Web Apps farm on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 throws an exception “New-OfficeWebAppsFarm : The operation failed. The server did not meet the following prerequisites: – Windows Update KB2592525 must be installed.” Then, when you try to install the update you get the error “This update is not applicable to your computer.” To resolve this wonderful trick to logic, check out this great post courtesy of Markus Nöbauer: Office Web Apps Server – KB2592525 Installation failed

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